Silicone rubber’s applications depend on their prominent properties.

In market segmentation, silicone rubber is widely applied in automobile industry, aerospace,  daily appliance and electrical equipment, cover layer, spare part, medical products, baby care stuff and consumer goods. HTV silicone of KCC supplier (Korea) always satisfy quality standards, FDA norms with the hardness ranging from 30 – 90 shore A.

– Heat resistance: able to resist heat well and can be used in the temperature of more than 200oC in a long time.
– Coldness resistance: able to remain the plasticity at – 50oC.
– Mechanical properties: still maintain the function at high temperature better than other rubbers do.
– Electricity properties: least affected by temperature change.
– Ozone resistance and in good weather.
– Fire resistance: non-toxic and good fire resistance.
– Chemical resistance: good oil resistance and less swelled in low concentration of acide and base.
– Inert in term of physiological properties.
– Bad abration resistance.
– Low physiomechanical properties at room temperature (8.0~ 10.0 Mpa).
– Non-solvent resistance.