We do our best to enrich our people, product lines and planet.

For us, sticking to sustainability means shaping our business activities inline with natural environment reservation, fostering human capital, and at the same time diversifying our product range and innovation in an environmentally friendly way. With our commitment, we are challenging ourselves by adapting Caroll’s model of CSR practices.


Annually we organize charity activities to help orphans, people with disabilities and sponsor scholarships  for students. Our employees are encouraged to participate in social activities to make a positive change in human life and the environment.


We always look to create internship programs for students. Each intern will be mentored by an experienced manager who will help them understand how to apply learned theories into practice, equip basic skills, and develop professional attitudes in future working environment. Trainees achieving good results will be awarded certificates and merit awards.

Training and Development

We always accompany education to develop future generations. We support universities by building training and development programs. Every year, our activities include teaching with new products and technologies, soft skills training and career advice, since these are organized regularly in many universities for a large number of students.

Supporting Social Enterprise Communities

  • Sponsor activities or programs launched by Social Enterprises Communities, including: networking, start-up, other contests aiming at raising public awareness of doing business ethically and with social responsibility to minimize social impacts
  • Mentoring, training and consulting SEs to enhance management capacity and improve their business to have positive effect on the society
  • Doing charity work by funding SEs to implement social projects to help the people with disabilities.