1.Introduction of the Code

TCHEM Group adopts a formalized Code of Conduct and Business Ethics, stating our values, shared responsibility, global commitment, organizational behavior guidance,conventions that are applicable to all stakeholders. Although there are some internal rules different from the legal system and regulations, all the code’s detail items are explicit in a referral framework for all working groups to head for to create a consistent and professional image of the company.

Our substantial commitment to ethical business practices are mainly based on:

  • TRUST: doing the right thing;
  • Mission: creating values for sustainable growth;
  • Code of Ethics and Conduct is set forth on the foundation of TCHEM philosophy and values;
  • Code of Ethics and Conduct is the lodestar for all employees at all levels in decision making processes and the way they behave. This is also the basis for all commitment and taking responsibilities for all performers.

2.Our values

Trust is our core value. Trust is to strengthen our responsibility and reliability. We build TRUST from four key factors as follows: Capability, Helpfulness, Engagement and Morality;

Capability is to provide solutions and services efficiently;

Helpfulness is to care for your needs and serve useful things;

Engagement is to keep our promise and commitment to quality;

Morality is to act a Code of Ethics and Conduct from TCHEM philosophy and values which respect benefits of all stakeholders and encourage our corporate social responsibility to the community.

3.   The CAR principles


  • Commitment

We keep our promises;

We accept engagement for what we can ensure the high quality of our products and services.

  • Accountability

We are responsible for our behaviors;

We take accountability for the outcome of our engagement.

  • Respect

We respect the differences;

We respect the individuals.

4.   Our commitments

We fully comply with all laws, regulations and professional standards that apply to us.

Working with the right clients and right partners.We commit ourselves not to working or dealing with clients or partners who are not on the same track in terms of core values of business ethics and sustainability.

Centering on the quality: consider quality as core focus.

Information confidentiality guarantee: keep secret and safe all info and dates relating to clients, principals, employees and individuals.

Creating and offering exclusive environment 

  • Respect and esteem: Respect the differences and individuals, diversity in terms of gender, race, educational background, religion, culture.
  • Equality: We recruit and develop our employees based on their individual achievements and qualifications.
  • Safety, Security and Hygiene: We always pay special attention to ensuring a good physical working environment to keep our employees healthy, adopting safety policy to prevent harassment, theft, losses and job stability even in crisis .
  • Some benevolent statements are seriously embedded in term of free sexual harassment, free child labor and no pregnant women rejection.

Helping our people to become extraordinary 

  • Work and life balance;
  • Safe and healthy;
  • Invest in our people’s development;
  • Create opportunities for our people to enhance their experiences and exploit their full potentials.;
  • Train our people to be ethical and professional.

5.   Our responsibilities

Individual responsibilities – Where to get helps

The Conduct Checklist: once each individual encounters such difficulties as those mentioned below:

  • No clear understanding about the law, regulation, standard, norm, global culture, national and local practices of the place you are in.
  • Conceptual conflict leading ambiguity.
  • Possibility of discomfort.
  • Complicated and highly risky situation.
  • Can you keep the promises?
  • Can you ensure the high-end quality for your engagement of the products and/or services?

We highly recommend you not to say No to any of them, not to handle them on your own. You are suppose seeking help from your superior:

  • Consult your manager.
  • Refer to your HR manager.

Manager responsibilities

Manager of all levels are expected to help to ensure the support, integrity and understandability, holding up morale among internal and external publics:

  • Be accountable.
  • Give positively driving feedback.
  • Support and develop your team.
  • Be authentic and charismatics (leading by examples, evidence, critical rationale of standards, norms).

6.   Contact and Feedback

Any comments or contribution to help refine our COC are highly appreciated and more than welcomed. If there is any, please email us at  hr@tchemgroup.com