TCHEM is built by passionate people and we are proud to foster the spirit of the next generation. If you are looking for a place to nurture your talents, this should be your first consideration.

At TCHEM, it’s not limited as a job title, it is about your career. You’ll work on real professional projects of a top chemical distributor. Since the company was built on trust, you’ll be trusted to dive in multiple challenging responsibilities to create the best future for our business. You’ll be guided and build yourself a sought-after set of knowledge from dedicated top global chemical experts and our management team along the way. Finally yet importantly, through your performance, we’ll offer a wide variety of opportunities that unleash your full potential.

For sustainable growing, TCHEM puts priority on promoting company’s culture. Our lodestar is based on 5 criteria: Trust, Capability, Helpfulness, Engagement and Morality. We promote and embrace the innovative ideas and solutions to become a novel environment that helps your talent shine. With entrepreneurial spirit, we share inspiration, mutual support and ensure every individual knows how meaningful their work is. Furthermore, the work-life balance is critical at TCHEM, we strive to provide the best condition to the employees for a greater sense of well-being.

Join us, together we will be the pioneers and shape the future of the chemical industry.

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