TCHEM is taking the lead in the chemical trading industry. We are flagship in all innovative chemical products and services across Vietnam and play a vital role in offering added value for industrial customers. In the arena, we put sustainability as the top priority in all mission, vision, business philosophy statements. It is not only for the sake of the industry itself but also for the benefit of the community at large. Aiming at creating a more sustainable value chain is always the core focus in all our business strategic goals in the long run.

All decision-making processes, business procedures and business policies have so far reflected various aspects of sustainability, adopted and strictly complied by all stakeholders: employees, suppliers, partners, and customers which in return, help outshine our corporate identity.

All business practices and daily transactions are driven by official standards, processes, manual and conducts, particularly as follow:

  • Reaching the foremost balance and long-term sustainability between economy, CSR and environmental protection;
  • Designing and building up proper training to raise consciousness and discipline among all employees, to comply with legitimate conducts and have proper action, behavior in a streamline with sustainability goals of the organization and the external public;
  • Offer many incentives for employees at all level to participate in all social activities locally and globally to contribute the most to the cause of sustainable development.

Accountability for the environment, social community, legal compliance, customers and employee’s well-being are always on the tip of the tongue to guide all our business deals, negotiations and operations management.

We also support sustainable development through our membership of various organizations and initiatives, and discuss sustainability issues with other players in our industry.