EPDM rubber has excellent heat resistance, Ozone resistance, Oxygen resistance and weather resistance thanks to its saturated upper main structure.

Regarding solvent resistance, it can be inert in such polarized solvents as acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, phosphate esters and weak acid and base liquid or detergent. However, the disadvantages of EPDM are hard to be fabricated with the roller mill, less bonded with other material and unable to resist hydrocarbon oil of all types.

For the time being, we are providing EPDM rubber of Mitsui/ Japan synthesized following Metallocent technology:

  • Low chlorine content, which limits metal abrasion
  • Excellent extrusion processability
  • With the inclusion of EPR combined oil, it has high capacity of extrusion, smooth surface of the product after extrusion.
  • Low concentration of Gel, helping improve the product’s function after extrusion
  • High physio-mechanical, cost-saving by high loading.Products from EPDM rubber are applied widely in automobile industries for example shaping bars, heat resistance belts, pipe, shaft in UV printing technology, cushioning washer for closure, various types of cable and other technical spareparts and details.