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Only Up!

SCKR Games Only Up!, a platformer inspired by the classic tale of Jack and the Beanstalk! is a paid platformer where you help the game’s teenage protagonist, Jackie, escape from poverty by navigating a maze of suspended pipes, railways and trains. Although it’s quite short, be aware that it has no checkpoint or save system. If you fall, you have to start over and get back up. Therefore, Just Up! won’t appeal to players with limited free time or who don’t like hardcore platformers, slowly but surely Only Up! starts with Jackie in the slums where you have to find an elevator to take you higher. When you explore the slums, you will notice that people do not move, except for the birds. On your way up, be prepared to bump into narrow pipes and climb or jump over objects. Jackie can even jump on the bed to get higher faster. A gradual increase in the difficulty of passing the zone is to be expected. So even a simple mistake can send you back to the slums, which is frustrating when you’ve made significant progress. Although this adventure game has no auto or manual save, it teaches patience and persistence. It instills the value of slow and steady progress since it’s a niche title, it only appeals to certain players, especially those with a lot of free time, because turning off the game resets your progress. It’s short, but expect your first game to last for hours. Another problem is that Jackie gets stuck on objects. If this happens, you will need to reboot. Another downside is lag and other performance issues.
A custom game with no way to save your progress, Only Up! is a hard-hitting platformer that forces players to be patient even in the midst of frustration. As Jackie, your goal is to get out of poverty and reach the top without falling. When Jackie falls, you end up in the slums. Exploring the zone can be challenging given the gradual increase in game difficulty. However, lag and performance issues hurt the overall player experience.