TCHEM GROUP is chemical corporation with the head quarters in Singapore and Vietnam. Our partners are leading manufacturers in the top five of the world from the US, UK, France, Japan and Korea.

Therefore, TCHEM can completely guarantee assured customer satisfaction with proper quality of input material and released products.

TCHEM specializes in providing material, additives, chemicals for:

  • Rubber Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Personal Care Products
  • Livestock Industry

With TCHEM, we put priority for building up and develop enterprise culture. Trust model, key for success at Tchem, has helped us promote all the core values: capacity, responsibilities and humanity. We are proud that TCHEM is place to fostering and offer training for talents, extend heir generation, as well as to share common value to community and the society.

Main products related to:

  • Human lives
  • Industrial products

Why choose Us

All personnel of TCHEM have joined in many internal training and other trainings from foreign experts.

In order to equip proper living skill for our staff, We often have many activities for the community, hold events in our specialization for students from HCMC university of technology, economics, foreign trade, specialized workshop with plastic and rubber association. Every year, TCHEM offers many opportunities of internship for senior students, who then will be instructed by mid managers….


Mission: Create the value chain for our stakeholders

  • Creating the value chain for all stakeholders including: customer, staff, partner- material suppliers, service provider
  • Providing the ultimate products, services and solutions to the client, supporting them to enhance their production capacity and brand quality .
  • Focusing on business solutions assuring safety for human and working environment at Clients’ factory. Pay special attention to items that are environmentally friendly and eco-protective .
  • Heading the suppliers to become the leader in the market  within the area of our coverage.
  • Setting up such working environment where the company can become a place for their staff to develop to the most of their capability, be interested in work and be offered many opportunities for promotion. We are determined to make positive change for our employees’ life as well as the surrounding communities, to bring back value with prosperity orientation.
  • Increase the value of shareholders by enhancing the financial growth of the company in a stable and sustainable way.


Bring back trust, faith to clients, partners and employees.

  • Competency: We build a team of personnel with high professional competence and experience, so that customer always feel assuredand trust worthy when using products and services offered by Tchem.
  • Equality: we always respect positive competition and contribute to create equal business for all related partners.
  • Honesty: we always keep honesty in all relationship with colleague and partner, client as well.
  • Responsibility: We always try out best to perform properly and be responsible for every our action and decision.
  • Usefulness: with our true business,We create value. Most importantly, We have shared the value and offer benefits for our client, business partner, employees, shareholders and surrounding communities, in order to make positive change with prosperity orientation.
  • Humanity: We follow all business ethnic principles,appreciate Viet cultural characters, in order to lead the company to sustainable development directions with standards and value of humanity.
  • Stability: We are determined to offer stability in product and service quality to Client, continuously improve to have better quality and help client to feelassured .

Vision: Become the top chemical distributor in the Polymer industry within Asian region.

To be the best partner of the suppliers

To be the 1st choice for customers

To be a Vietnamese entrepreneur with the best working environment for the employees.


We represent global leading manufacturers in more than 40 countries around the world and 59 laboratories and technical centers dedicated to the market segments that we provide.